As simple as it is brilliant!

SnapperWorks is Axelent's in-house developed, user friendly drawing application. SnapperWorks enables you as a customer to get a quick layout drawing showing required products for your project. The software includes a wide variety of Axelent products, from machine safety to storeroom asset protection. We also provide warehouse safety like anti-collapse guards, impact guards and pedestrian barriers.

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The benefits of SnapperWorks are many

    • It is tailored to Axelent’s modules and contains all of our products.
    • It is easy to use.
    • Enables you to import DWG & DXF files and draw panels, straight onto the drawing.
    • You can export your finished product as a STEP file to use it in your own 3d cad program.
    • It quickly provides you with a complete drawing with material list.
    • And best of all, it's FREE
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